800 Tchoupitoulas St.
New Orleans, LA 70130


When you think of New Orleans chefs Food Network icon Emeril Lagasse will top most lists.  So once our plane tickets were booked we knew we had to dine at one of his three New Orleans’ restaurants. After some deliberation we decided on his namesake restaurant Emeril’s. Gayot gives Emeril’s a rating of 13/20.


Upon arrival, we were seated at the food bar where we had a panoramic view of the kitchen.

DSC03300 (2)

Amuse-bouche – sweet potato chip, crab and caviar. I enjoyed the vivid colors in this bite from the chef. The chip was crunchy, the caviar briny and the crab mixture was sweet and creamy.


Gumbo of the day. The gumbo had rich, developed flavors with a little spice. The flavors were nice but the okra left the gumbo with an unpleasant sliminess.


Emeril’s New Orleans barbeque shrimp with petite rosemary biscuit and fresh chives. The shrimp were cooked well, the sauce was buttery and smoky with hints of coffee and the biscuits were crisp imparting the dish with fresh, herbal notes.


Andouille crusted drum, grilled local vegetables, shoestring potatoes, glazed pecans, Créole meuniere. The drum was flaky, the andouille added some spice, the potatoes were crispy and light and the sweet, buttery sauce tied the whole dish together. This was my favorite plate of the evening.


Jerk Mississippi quail, rice ‘n’ peas, hot chorizo, garlic and ginger spinach, salsa ‘Jamaica’. The quail was tender and worked with the gingery greens. The beans were a little undercooked and the dish left me wishing I ordered something that better represented New Orleans.


Emeril’s banana cream pie, graham cracker crust, caramel sauce, chocolate shavings. The caramel paired nicely with the pie but the custard was chalky.

While I enjoyed watching the bustle of the kitchen, the food fell short of expectations. There were a couple of dishes that I would order again, but several plates had execution issues. In spite of the shortcomings I was glad that we tried one of Lagasse’s restaurants.

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